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  • Sask Aerospace & Defence Inc
  • Manitoba Aerospace

About Us

Who we are

The Canada West Aerospace and Defence Industries Association is a collaborative business coalition involving the following four Western Canadian Provincial aerospace Associations:

The WAA represents some 450 companies that employ about 15,000 people in the four western Canadian provinces and create more than $4 billion annual revenues with customers on six continents. With a stable, highly trained workforce, our companies are globally competitive and have a long, successful track record of quality, innovation, reliable worldwide delivery and international partnering.

Our companies are involved in a broad range of aerospace product and services, including:

  • advanced materials research and development
  • aircraft and component manufacturing
  • airframe and engine maintenance repair and overhaul
  • manufacture and repair - particularly composite materials
  • satellite manufacture and ground tracking
  • space systems and remote sensing
  • technical and flying training
  • testing and certification services and
  • unmanned vehicle systems

Research and Development

Western Canada has an extensive network of aviation research and development institutions, including: